‹What is psychosis?› From the ISPS Liverpool conference, 2017

Sigmund Freud Under Analysis – NOVA
Discovery/History/Psychology (documentary)

Carl Jung – Matter of Heart (1986)
A Kino International Release–Distributed by Image Entertainment, Inc. Directed by Mark Whiteney & Written by Suzanne Wagner.

Erich Fromm – To have or to be (1977)
Erich Fromm, am 23. März 1900 in Frankfurt am Main geboren und starb am 18. März 1980 in Locarno, ist ein amerikanischer humanistischer Psychoanalytiker deutsch-jüdischen Ursprungs.

Wilfred Bion – Tavistock clinic
Wilfred Ruprecht Bion, geboren am 8. September 1897 in Mathura, Punjab und verstorben am 8. November 1979 in Oxford, ist ein britischer Psychiater und Psychoanalytiker, Pionier der Gruppenpsychotherapie, Gruppenpsychoanalyse und Theoretisierung von Psychosen.

Meeting Betty Joseph
Betty Joseph trifft Studenten und Mitglieder des Instituts für Psychoanalyse, London 2007

Meeting Anne Marie Sandler
Trailer for ‹Meeting Anne Marie Sandler› from the series ‹Encounters through Generations›

Clip from an interview flimed during Hanna Segal’s last visit to Poland
Hanna Segal arbeitet im Green Paddington Kinderkrankenhaus (London) und führt eine Analyse mit Melanie Klein durch. Sie wird Psychiaterin am Epsom Hospital und setzt ihr psychoanalytisches Training fort, das von Joan Riviere und Paula Heimann

John Bowlby Attachment and Loss
Dr. John Bowlby, founder of Attachment Theory, explains how the mother/father/child relationship forms the foundation for all intimate, complex relationships in our lives.

Heinz Kohut – Refections on Empathy
Kohut’s final speech, «Reflections on Empathy», was given at the 1981 Self Psychology conference in Berkeley, California

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. – Part IV – Harry Stack Sullivan’s Interpersonal Theory : Early influences
Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. – Part V – Harry Stack Sullivan: Treatment Innovations
Clarence G. Schulz, M.D., well-known psychoanalyst, specializing in the psychotherapy of psychotic and borderline patients and an educator of psychiatrists-in-training for sixty years

Otto Kernberg: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders Video
Legendary psychoanalyst, Otto Kernberg, manages to distill the essential concepts of his lifetime’s work with personality disorders and the fundamental principles of Object Relations Theory into a single interview

Interview with Peter Fonagy
Peter Fonagy, OBE, FBA, FAcSS, FMedSci (born 1952) is a Hungarian-born British psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist

An Overview of Treatment Strategies for Borderline Personality Disorder
Glen O. Baggard, MD – 2012

A Case for Psychoanalysis: Exploring the Scientific Evidence –  John Thor Cornelius
A presentation that makes a case for the effectiveness of psychoanalytic therapy, comparing and contrasting it to antidepressant medications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by using existing scientific data. It is designed for health care and mental health professionals, insurance companies, or those interested in some scientific data about psychoanalysis

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